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The TMR Radio Network. In 2009, We launched our first digital streaming radio station. We continued adding new stations to the digital streaming radio network over the nine year span.


Today we have seventeen digital streaming radio stations, they are featured here.


We can create this for you. Our media creative services team is stellar.  We have twenty years experience in media and broadcasting creative services. 


We create the imaging, format, and branding for all radio formats. We serve both streaming and terrestrial radio stations. Full website and App creation and integration also available.

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TMR Media, News Creations


That News Jawn 

We are pleased to bring you, "That News Jawn", All News Network. Online News. 


We are dedicated to delivering News that's Factual, Accurate, and Reliable.


We Deliver Professional Journalism with Integrity and Honesty. We give you the News without Bias or Prejudice. Just The Facts. 

We can create a media outlet for you. We create the imaging, branding, and direction of the media project. 

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Q102/WIOQ-FM Philadelphia, Staff and Alumni, 30th Anniversary! 



We are pleased to keep everyone connected. Q102 has been On Air serving the broadcast community of Philadelphia for thirty years. While radio station owners have changed hands a few times, we are still one united radio family. 


Feel free to enjoy our Q102 radio memories. 

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